Hi, I’m Mille, a Japanese contemporary artist and a singer-songwriter. I have lived abroad for some years and I'm passionate about cross-cultural exchanges through art and music. My life and experiences in my country Japan and Europe, where I have spent with a number of people who grew up in different cultures, have influenced my art in many ways. I love learning different languages, cultures and sharing my knowledge about Japan to people who love my country and culture.

I rediscovered the joy of creating, especially when I worked for an Italian film production company. The meeting with an Italian film director and some authors influenced me and motivated me to start creating again.

I paint memorable events of my life and unforgettable memories of the people. Through art, I want to express the significance of encounter with people. I usually create artwork focusing on the themes related to human relationships or emotions such as love, happiness and healing.

I get inspiration for my art from meeting with people, music, travels and nature. Meeting with good people are treasures in my life and they inspire me to create. Music is one of the most important and integral elements, when I create artwork, and not to mention, it is something significant in my life as well. I see colours, imagine stories and picture various scenes to myself when I listen to music.

My works cover a wide variety of styles: surréalisme, light abstract, pop art and all that. And the techniques that I often work with are acrylics, mixed media or digital art.

Music has always been an important part of my life as well as art. Most of my compositions have classical touch. I also sing cover songs in my mother tongue and in some other languages. ​​Some years ago, I had a chance to sing at a book launch party and concert in Italy for an Italian author / journalist. It has become a wonderful cross-cultural event to remember, which consisted of an Italian poet reading the new book and my singing. At the same time, my artworks were introduced to the audience at the event and were received well.


I am willing to work on various types of artworks using different materials and am excited to exhibit them across the world for many years to come.





Here are some examples of the exhibitions at which my works were / are going to be exhibited both at home and abroad: 

  • Artbox.Project Barcelona1.0 (Barcelona, Spain / May 2021)

  • The 2nd Geiten at the Mánes Exhibition Hall (Prague, Czech Republic / November 2020)​​​

  • Swiss Art Expo 2020 (Zurich, Switzerland / August 2020)

  • Art Basel Miami (Miami, United States of America / 2019)

  • The 2nd Geiten at Kiyomizudera Temple (Kyoto, Japan / 2019)

  • 8th Discover the One Japanese Art (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates / 2019) 

  • Swiss Art Expo 2019 (Zurich, Switzerland / 2019)

Competitions and Prizes:


  • My acrylic painting “I’ll be waiting for you under the tree of love" won the Special Jury Prize at the art competition and exhibition held in Abu Dhabi, 2019.


  • My work “Averse sur la forêt” was adopted as a package design of cosmetic products and sold by BORGO TRADE Inc. in Tokyo, 2019.





  • I was featured as a contemporary artist in the December 2019 / January 2020 issue of the inflight magazine “SWISS Magazine” (Swiss International Air Lines).


  • The article which I wrote about my experiences of cross-cultural exchanges through music and art was published in a Spanish magazine in Japan.